Mother’s Day What May Come


We’re counting down to Mother’s Day here at Elūm. With stay at home mandates still in place across much of the country, many of us won’t be able to celebrate in person with our moms this year. According to the National Retail Federation, two-thirds of Americans are planning some kind of virtual celebration with their moms. We’ll be face-timing, zooming, texting and calling: doing whatever we can to let Mom know how much we love and appreciate her.

Moms have never been busier. Home schooling, cooking, cleaning, working from home, caring for the family: moms are working harder than ever. Our moms deserve to be treasured and spoiled, but with some of the most popular Mother’s Day treats off the table—dining out, big family get-togethers, spa days—we need to get creative. That’s why we’ve come up with our Mother’s Day Come What May Guide. Nothing is going to stop us from celebrating our strong and amazing moms this May 10!


Card Love.

Thanks to the US Post we can continue to send and receive cards in the post so we can still surprise Mom when she goes to the mailbox. Stock up on our adorable Mother’s Day cards and take a moment to write something special inside. A handwritten note is a powerful way to connect when we’re physically apart. “Mom, I may not be able to see you in person this year, but I’ve never felt closer to you or loved you more. You are my rock. Love, Jess.” #MomsLoveCards


Flower Power.

There’s a reason why flowers make the classic Mother’s Day gift. They come delivered to Mom’s door, bringing all the colors and scents of the season with them. Spoil Mom with flowers that delight her senses.  Red and pink carnations say “I miss you” in flower language along with dreamy peach roses. Surprise Mom by sending her a fragrant bouquet of her favorite flowers. Or do a little detective work and discover what flowers were in Mom’s high-school prom corsage and ask your local florist to reproduce them in a bouquet. #MomsLoveOldSchool


Dinner & A Date.

If Mom lives within driving distance, why not surprise her with a home-cooked meal left on her doorstep? Better still, make two identical meals (lasagne would be perfect for this), drop one outside her doorstep with instructions when to put it in the oven and then share a virtual dinner date with mom using Zoom. If Mom lives farther away send both mom and yourself identical food baskets and open and explore the contents together with mom and the kids over Zoom. #MomsLoveDinner


Song & Dance.

If you have kids who like to sing or play instruments, how about putting on a virtual concert for Mom? Maybe the little ones could dance for her. Or how about the entire family staging a fun play in the living room which Mom could watch remotely? You can download family friendly play scripts here. If you prefer something more low key, how about a family movie night? Apps like Kast and Watch2Gether enable you to share movie night with mom no matter how far apart you are. #MomsLoveFun


A Gift For All Seasons.

Moms are the goodwill ambassadors of family occasions. They know everyone’s birthdays and wedding dates. They know when nephews are graduating college, the due date for family babies, and exactly how much each grand-baby weighs when they arrive! Moms are living breathing databases of family lore. They send the cards that mark family milestones. Give Mom an

Elūm Letterpress Greeting Card Subscription and she’ll always have our beautiful and award winning cards on hand to send to family and friends throughout the year. #MomsLoveToGive


Give Mom A Break.

It’s a stressful time for moms everywhere. With the kids home moms are working harder than ever to provide a sense of structure and normality to family life. Sometimes moms just need a break. Have the kids make breakfast for Mom (and clean up the kitchen afterwards!) and then have Dad take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood so Mom can have some much deserved me-time. Make Mom a little care package of bath salts, a sheet mask, and chamomile tea (or a bottle of wine!) so she can enjoy a warm relaxing bath. Later, look into what local restaurants are open for delivery and order a delicious family meal. Eat party-style on paper plates so there’s no cleaning up! #MomsLoveBubbles

 These are some of the ways we’re planning on celebrating our moms and all the amazing women in our lives this year. What are you planning for Mom on her big day? We’d love to know!


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