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Like many of you, we are working from home here at Elūm. As artists, designers and creators we are spending our work days in front of computer screens and easels, fending off dogs and kids and everything that comes with working from home. We have cats purring at our feet, deliveries arriving at our doors, our moms calling to check on the kids. We all have a lot on our plates right now. Some of us, for the very first time, are having to organize and set up a home office. The family is home. The kids are home. A separate space to work is essential. If we’re lucky it’s a separate room, but even if it’s a corner of the living room or dining room, we need to differentiate it from the rest of the house. At minimum we need a desk and a chair and a vibe that says, “This is the place where I work.” We’ve been given a lot of thought to how to create an effective work-from-home space and have come up with a list of our Home Office Essentials. Read on to see how we’re getting the whole family in on the project.


To Speak Or Not To Speak

If the hubs or kids or roomie are at home while you’re working they won’t necessarily know when is and isn’t a good time to speak with you. Even if you’re not on the phone or busy typing away at the keyboard you thoughts could still be in the work zone. A homemade sign that you can hang on your door or the back of your chair can let your homies know when you’re open to convo or when you need to keep your head down and work. This can be a great project for the kids. A chalkboard, a piece of wood drilled with holes for string or even a sturdy piece of cardboard cut hotel door “Do Not Disturb” style can all work. Make it reversible and keep it light-hearted like this sign by Piccadilly Pedler. #OfficeCrafts


Chairman Of The Board

We understand the temptations of working from home. Around here we call them the “I’ll justs” as in “I’ll just do the dishes before I begin that report” or “I’ll just put the laundry in the dryer before I call the office” or “I’ll just work in my jammies today.” The single most important message having a dedicated office space in our home conveys is that we’re serious about work. When we’re in our office, we think work not housework! The minimum requirements for a home office space are: a desk, a chair, lighting and a fast internet connection. As artists and designers we live for excellent lighting! We’re also learning that while we can be flexible about desks—we can use counter tops, card tables, dining tables—we are passionate about chairs. We need them to be comfortable yet supportive enough to sit on all day. So our #1 home office investment is a fine chair. #ChairFlare


Pretty Paper

Nothing lifts our spirits here at Elūm more than seeing fire paper products on our desks. To us, paper is an affordable way to show off our style, change up the look of our desktops and surround ourselves with beautiful, useful things. Our home desktops are stocked with our Big Stack Note Bars for quick note-taking on the fly, our Paradise Weekly Planners for scheduling our busy work week and our Lemon Peach Thanks notes because now, more than ever, we’re grateful for all the smart, wonderful and understanding people we work with. Thanks, guys! Miss seeing your friendly faces every day! #AllInThisTogether


Accessories Make Everything Better

The fantastic thing about creating a home office is that you can totally make it your own. If you want a USB cable with a fish at the end of it, go for it! If you’d like a raccoon holding a lightbulb as your desk light we won’t stop you! And if you fancy planting a geranium in a plant pot shaped like a llama we wont just support you—heck, we’d like to see it! #LlamaLove. Accessories are a fun and affordable way to show your flare and take your home office from drab to fab. Working from home has it challenges, let’s do what we can to counter them with creativity and a little light-hearted whimsy. #HomeOfficeHijinks


How are you finding setting up a home office? What’s working for you and what are you finding challenging? Do you have any advice you’d like to share? We’re here. Listening, learning.

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